5 Secret Resume Hacks to Get You Shortlisted

Published by Nikki Paterson 2 min read
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Ready to write a winning resume and cover letter to get THAT job?!

  • Tired of not getting shortlisted and missing out on THAT job, the one you really, really want?
  • Sick of googling 'How to write a resume' and getting a thousand cookie-cutter responses that everyone else is using?
  • Frustrated asking friends and family to look over your resume and getting different advice?

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Download your free 5 Secret Resume Hacks To Get You Shortlisted so that you:

  • Know where to start so you grab their attention from the first line and your resume lands on THE TOP OF THE PILE.
  • Showcase your skills and experience so the hiring manager can't wait to interview you.
  • Unlock the secrets hiring managers want to see and position yourself as the best candidate for the job and get shortlisted!

As a career coach and educator, Nikki has over 20 years experience working in government roles and sitting on recruitment panels, she has been on the other side of the table and knows what needs to be in (and out) of your resume to tick the boxes.

To Download The 5 Secret Resume Hacks from Nikki Paterson click on the link below. 

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