Northrop Grumman finds diverse new talent to help fill its digital skills gap

Published by Cia Kouparitsas 2 min read
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Its 90,000 global employees come from a diverse range of backgrounds, bringing ambitious, curious people together to create technology and solutions that advance the future of humankind.  

Working towards this clear vision, the company’s 900-strong UK business (NGUK) is deploying a proactive approach to bringing new talent on board, amidst the challenging backdrop of a digital skills shortage in the market. To provide a sense of scale, it has been estimated that there were more than two million UK tech vacancies in 2021, more than any other labour area.  

Northrop Grumman is adapting and evolving the methods its UK HR team uses to not only look at past experience as an indicator of suitability for a role, but also to identify the types of activities and behaviours of talent and future potential of candidates, which aligns with the approach taken by WithYouWithMe (WYWM).

Samantha Gillison, formerly a Met Police Officer, moved into a position as a Full Stack Application Developer with Northrop Gruman UK. 

Given the nature of Northrop Grumman’s business and its highly advanced technical offerings to its customers, the quality of talent delivered to Northrop Grumman by WYWM is of paramount importance.

In Australia, Northrop Grunman are a Fortem Australia sponsor and provide ongoing support for First Responders and their families.

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