The Cop Who Fell To Earth by Craig Semple

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The Cop Who Fell To Earth by Craig Semple

Craig Semple was a career detective in the New South Wales Police force for twenty-five years, investigating homicides, outlaw motorcycle gangs and hundreds of other serious crimes. Medically retired from law enforcement in 2013 due to psychological injuries, Craig is now a sought-after keynote speaker and mental health advocate.

The Cop Who Fell to Earth

Craig is the founding director of Mentality Plus, through which he has developed and delivered mental health, wellbeing and resilience education to thousands of people all over Australia. He is a master instructor with Mental Health First Aid Australia and an ambassador for the Black Dog Institute.

This raw and true account of the life of a tough cop has all the twists, turns and drama of a rattlingly good thriller. 

Before eighteen-year-old Craig Semple joined the New South Wales Police Force in 1988, he was someone who generally preferred to steer clear of trouble. But – like so many young police officers – he gradually built resilience to fear through a process of selflessly, and often recklessly, turning towards danger. By the time he started locking horns with some of the most notorious members of Australia’s outlaw motorcycle gangs, Craig believed himself to be bulletproof. 

In this raw and unflinchingly honest autobiography he gives a rare insight into the difficulties and dynamics of criminal investigation. Crime scenes described in vivid detail provide a front-row seat to the challenges of trauma, while gripping narratives of covert operations shine a light on the shadows cast by despair, greed and power at all levels of society.

The Cop Who Fell to Earth is Craig Semple’s story of transformation and profound personal growth through exposure to extreme life events. As compelling as a thriller, it is a story of how human endurance, tenacity, sacrifice and belief in something beyond the self ultimately lead to the triumph of good over evil.

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