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The 'Roll With The Punches Podcast' with Tiffanee Cook offers a compelling blend of humor, heart and hard-hitting truths that make it an invaluable resource for first responders. Tiffanee's approach of tackling diverse topics, ranging from mental health and resilience to personal development and coping mechanisms, resonates profoundly with the challenges first responders face in their high-pressure roles. Her engaging conversations with guests who bring a wealth of experience and insights provide practical advice, inspiration, and relatable stories that can empower first responders to navigate their demanding careers more effectively. The podcast’s focus on adaptability and overcoming adversity aligns perfectly with the daily realities of first responders, making it not just an entertaining listen, but a tool for personal and professional growth in a challenging field.

Roll with the punches-mick cummins

Answering the Call: Mick Cummins and the Police Veterans' Lifeline - Mick Cummins - 733

One of the recent episodes features Mick Cummins, an unsung hero of police veteran peer support. Mick started leaning into supporting his colleagues early on, and once he hung up his police hat he kicked things into high gear. With Vicky Key, they set up the very first peer support network for police veterans and after several meetings with former Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton, they birthed what we now know as Police Veterans Victoria.

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