Insights from the "Leading Beings" Podcast for First Responders Wanting to Build Professional Networks

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The "Leading Beings" podcast by Kate McCready offers valuable insights that can assist first responders in building professional relationships and finding mentors. Here are some key takeaways from the podcast that can be particularly useful for first responders looking to enhance their career development through strong professional networks and mentorship.

1. The Importance of Authentic Relationships

In the episode "Leading Your Authentic Activism," Matt Wicking discusses the power of authenticity in professional relationships. Authenticity fosters trust and respect, which are crucial for effective mentoring and collaboration​.

Key Insight: First responders should strive to build genuine relationships with colleagues and potential mentors. Being authentic and true to oneself helps in creating a trustworthy and supportive network, which is essential for professional growth.

2. Personalized Productivity and Networking

The episode "Personalising Productivity" emphasizes the importance of developing personalized strategies for productivity and networking. By understanding one’s own strengths and natural rhythms, first responders can create effective networking strategies that suit their personal style and professional needs.

Key Insight: First responders should identify their unique strengths and use them to build professional relationships. This could involve leveraging specific skills or knowledge areas to connect with like-minded professionals and potential mentors.

3. Self-Regulated Learning and Mentorship

Dr. Shyam Barr, in "Leading with Self Regulated Learning," highlights the role of self-regulation in learning and professional development. Self-regulated learning involves setting goals, seeking feedback, and reflecting on progress, all of which are crucial in a mentorship relationship​​.

Key Insight: First responders can apply self-regulated learning techniques to their mentorship relationships. Setting clear goals for what they hope to achieve with a mentor, actively seeking feedback, and reflecting on their progress can make the mentorship more effective and rewarding.

4. Creating Space for Development

In the episode "Space to Lead," Kate McCready discusses the need to create space for personal and professional growth. This includes making time for reflection, learning, and building relationships​.

Key Insight: First responders should intentionally create space in their schedules for networking and mentorship activities. This could involve setting aside regular time for meeting with mentors, attending industry events, or participating in professional organizations.

5. The Role of Mindful Goals

The episode "Mindful Goals" explores how setting mindful and meaningful goals can lead to more fulfilling professional relationships. By focusing on what truly matters, first responders can align their goals with their professional relationships and mentorships​.

Key Insight: First responders should set mindful goals for their professional development and mentorship relationships. These goals should reflect their values and career aspirations, ensuring that their efforts in building professional relationships are both meaningful and impactful.


The "Leading Beings" podcast provides several insights that can help first responders build professional relationships and find mentors. By focusing on authenticity, personalized networking strategies, self-regulated learning, creating space for development, and setting mindful goals, first responders can enhance their professional growth and create strong, supportive networks. Engaging with these insights can lead to more effective mentorship and collaboration, ultimately benefiting their careers and the communities they serve.


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