First Responders: Australian Stories

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When Victorians are in a crisis, First Responders are there to help our community. It’s an unfortunate fact that while on the job, many first responders are victims of crime and abuse.

Let’s talk statistics:

  • Incidents of assault are on the rise against emergency services workers. The Crime Statistics Agency reported a significant increase of 17.2% from 2019 to 2020.
  • Australian Medicare has estimated that work-related stress/stress-related work absence costs the Australian economy $14.8 billion annually.
  • One paramedic is assaulted every 50 hours, with 147 paramedics assaulted in 2019.

Crime Stoppers Victoria have teamed up with the Motorola Solutions Foundation to bring you a four-part podcast to acknowledge the incredible work first responders do in our community, while highlighting their risk of being harmed or abused while trying to help.

By understanding more about how first responders serve the community, and what they experience; it is easier to empathise and learn what we can do to ensure they can do their job efficiently as well as get home safely.

Together we can rally behind our front-line workers, and act as allies to prevent crimes against first responders.

Crime Stoppers Victoria explores themes in crime and safety. They speak with subject matter experts to learn more about these issues to provide listeners with an awareness and how as a community, we can assist where possible.

To listen to the latest episode, click on the link below.

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