Empowering Leaders with Luke Darcy

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Former AFL legend Luke Darcy made headlines when, as the co-host of Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast, he interviewed the Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews, about his leadership during the state’s COVID-19 crisis. The interview struck a chord with Luke pressing the leader on his thinking behind decisions being made and asking the questions no one else was. It is the most listened to piece of radio podcast content in Triple M history.  

Empowering Leaders with Luke Darcy sees Luke’s natural curiosity around what makes humans tick and interest in divergent thinking shine as he chats with some of the country’s most prominent leaders. Luke is joined by iconic leaders to unpack learnings and life lessons from these game changers in their chosen field, whether it’s sports, art, business or education. He breaks down the fundamentals of the new style of leadership, such as collaboration, integrity and innovation, through the stories of these iconic leaders.

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