Ways To Boost Your Mental Fitness Through Social Connection

Published by Fortem Australia 5 min read
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Humans are social creatures. Having relationships with others lifts mood through reinforcing social bonds and our sense of belonging. When we are in dangerous situations, belonging to a group can make us feel needed, supported, and safe, while improving our self-esteem and confidence. This social connectedness helps to protect us against the effects of repeated exposure to traumatic events.

Connection contributes significantly to quality of psychological wellbeing. This includes:

  • Strong and deep relationships with people who are close to you (family, friends). These people provide support, enjoyment, encouragement, and meaning in your life. And;
  • Broad relationships – which may be more surface level – but are also very important. These relationships can be with people from your immediate or wider community – who are familiar to you and provide you with a sense of connection and self-worth.

Fortem Social Connection

Be Open to New Connections

We see new faces and cross paths with new people all the time. Whether you’re working, running errands, or taking the kids to classes or sport, there are opportunities to make broad connections and strengthen existing bonds.

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